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Parents Day Edition: JUMBO Bird Nest (90's)

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Parents Day LIMITED EDITION: 90 Days Serving Jumbo Pack

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PROJECT B Parent's Day Gratitude Edition
with Love & Family Discounts

JUMBO Pack Serves 90 days at only RM299 nett.

Yes! That is 46% off from regular size and is cheaper than the standard price of the regular double pack if you compare it. 


Introducing the upsize of our best seller Project B Bird Nest,
Product Specification:
Pack Size - Single Pack JUMBO Project B Bird Nest
Nett Weight - 300g
Serving Size - 90 's

Limited Edition in very limited quantity. No Restock Available
Seasonal Pack Size, to be taken off shelf once sold.


Formulated with Premium Grade of Bird Nest imported from Indonesia. Only the most important active components of the raw bird nest are extracted and compressed, complete with a final yield of 5 times more Concentrated than regular Bird Nest in every serving.

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