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PROJECT B Bundle Sale is back!
Every bundle is discounted to only RM299 nett. 

Chinese New Year Special - Project B is offering seasonal time-limited bundle packs. View a full bundle options in the list below & pick your favourite set under the dropdown.

Purchase 2 sets & above to get additional RM50 angpau voucher
Discount valid for bundle packs only. For eligible orders, the RM50 angpau voucher will be delivered along with your shopping order and is
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Sale ends 28th February 2021. 
Limited sets offered. While stock lasts. 


Set A - Collagen & UV White bundle
B Collagen 30's + B UV White 100g 
Special Price: RM299
Original Price: RM360

Set B - Collagen & Bird Nest bundle
B Collagen 30's + B Bird Nest 100g
Special Price: RM299
Original Price: RM360

Set C - Fat Burner & Fiber bundle
B Fat Burner 100g + B Fiber+ 30's
Special Price: RM299 
Original Price: RM360

Set D - Fat Burner & Naked Meal bundle
B Fat Burner 100g + B Naked Meal 250g x 2
Special Price: RM299
Original Price: RM384

Set E - UV White & Bird Nest bundle
B Bird Nest 100g + B UV White 100g 
Special Price: RM299 
Original Price: RM370

Set F - Bird Nest & Revitalize bundle
B Bird Nest 100g + B Revitalize 100g 
Special Price: RM299 
Original Price: RM370

Set G - Bird Nest & Monthlies bundle
B Bird Nest 100g + B Monthlies 100g 
Special Price: RM299 
Original Price: RM360

Set H - Immune & Revitalize bundle
B Immune100g + B Revitalize 100g 
Special Price: RM299 
Original Price: RM370

Set I - Immune & Monthlies bundle
B Immune 100g + B Monthlies 100g 
Special Price: RM299 
Original Price: RM370


Perfect to Use in Combination
Mix & Match to customize your daily functional needs


PROJECT B Collagen
100% hydrolyzed low molecular weight collagen peptide where we utilize the patented technology from Italy to extract the highest quality collagen. This trademarked proprietary blend is strengthened with 10 extracts under the trademark of Coll10+, capable to provide over 32 maximal benefits.

Full product information is available at

Formulated with Premium Grade of Bird Nest imported from Indonesia. Only the most important active components of the raw bird nest are extracted and compressed, complete with a final yield of 5 times more Concentrated than regular Bird Nest in every serving.

Full product information is available at

PROJECT B UV White Dermal Brightening System
24 Hour round-the-clock action developed to deliver 2-In-1 Action of Skin Color Correction & UV Protection that effectively lightens body, facial skin tone & shields outer skin from harmful UV rays. This Extended Release Proprietary Formula developed with Double Performance, Better Efficacy, Longer Lasting Effect.

Full product information is available at



PROJECT B Fat Burner
Provides an overall 5 Stages Fat Loss Solution utilizing 6 natural food extract and 17 enzyme matrix, proven to effectively increase the total energy expenditure and the amount of calories burn per day. Presented as the perfect mechanism in fat burning, promoting lean body appearance and weight losing within recommended safe limit.

Full product information is available at

Enables optimal digestion for maximal nutrients absorption and promotes regular excretion of metabolic waste, to establish the smooth transition as food enters from the mouth and out through the colon as waste. This corrective system aims to relatively aid all matters related to the digestive and intestinal health.

Full product information is available at

PROJECT B Naked Meal
Designed for individuals who are looking for a calculable, low, controlled calories of complete food that satisfy the whole food pyramid. Every serving is designed at low 68kcal of full nutritional profile complete with both macro- and micronutrient in a good balance ratio of protein, carbohydrates, essential fats, fibers, vitamins & minerals.

Full product information is available at



PROJECT B Revitalize
Women Health Tonic comprises of a blend of 6 prestigious herbs with 12 active components, traditionally reserved as a universal tonic, unique for its ability to care for women health & wellbeing, youth preserving, intellectual, energy & mood alleviation properties.

Full product information is available at

PROJECT B Monthlies
Serves as a superfood for premenstrual care, menstruation nutrition and as part of our pre-pregnancy care for general female wellbeing. Contains 100% real food, free from medicinal/estrogenic properties that is safe for everyday use. Uses trademarked WOMC formula proven care for women's womb.

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The most comprehensive immunity boosting food comprises of 14 types of active ingredients from 5 core nutrient profiles of mushrooms, berries, leaves, herbs and bee origins.

Formula capable to turbo-shoot in maximum range from inception to recovery: nutrients feeding, priming, activating, fighting and healing; complete cycle of immune protection activity in full range.

Full product information is available at

Spice Up Your Supplement
PROJECT B range of unflavored supplements are designed for users to customize their supplement experience,
1. Personalize your supplement by pairing single or several products under PROJECT B for multiple functional boosts

2. Pair single/multiple B products under single consumption, mix well into any of your favourite food or drinks. Otherwise, conveniently pair it with our Project B 100% natural fruit booster series. 


PROJECT B Fruit Booster
Imported from Italy, the fruits are hand-picked in one of the largest fruit-growing area in Europe, delivering a natural and excellent taste and nutritional profile. These are preservatives free, no added sugar, sweetener or coloring, to keep the fruit juices in their most natural and nutritious form, designed to spice Project B's unflavored range of product.

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