Formulation Review Report | Project B Fat Burner

Product Studied: Project B Fat Burner

We at Project B emphasize on being bare and transparent of our product ingredient and formulation. We have an extensive product development stage, carefully engineer every product to ensure they work. As a part of our groundwork, we reach out to a number of independent professionals for a blind test to compare the nutritional information and ingredients of our formula with the available brands in the market.

Under this review, we reached out to independent dietitian to compare the nutritional information and ingredients of fat burner products from two other brands: Lennox, Kitsui and Project B, to see if there was any way to improve it. This was a blind test, that Lennox's, Kitsui's and Project B's names are never disclosed during the creation of the reviews. The dietician was not paid or given anything to endorse any of these products.

This product has been studied and fine-tuned for over 28 months before the formulation is confirmed. We took another 6 months to test its efficacy profile on over 35 individuals before it is being delivered to you. This part of the report reviews the product formulation, where we have another part of the report displays the results of the efficacy profile.

The results in brief
Rank 1: Project B Fat Burner
Rank 2: Kitsui Royal Lipo Trim
Rank 3: Lennox Garcinia Cambogia Tea


Who are the formulators
We work closely with Dr Kurt during the development of B Fat Burner formula. Dr Kurt has a personal story that can relate to the development of this product, later which he has then volunteered himself to our product trial (part 2 of this report) and benefited from his own formulation.

Here, we took over 28 months to finalize the product formula, where ingredients are ensured at their optimum effective dose, complement with its product efficacy profile and portfolio.


Who have we approached
We wanted to carry out a fair review of our product, so we have invited Ms. Cindy G, an independent dietitian with over 5 years of working experience in the private hospital sector. We believe Cindy G has the capability in sounding a credible opinion in view of her profession. We look forward to gaining some insights from the review generated.

What is Dietitian
Dietitian is the expert in the field of food and nutrition, capable in altering patient's nutrition based upon their medical condition and individual needs, licensed to assess, diagnose and treat nutritional problems. 


What have been evaluated
The nutritional information and ingredients of fat burner product from three brands: Lennox, Kitsui and Project B are compared and evaluated.


The information we provided for review
Below, you can see the images the dietitian was provided:

It was a totally blind test. The dietitian was paid for her time producing the reviews, but not to endorse or favour any product. The reviews below aren't perfect, and we are the first to admit such. However, Cindy G is expert in her field, highly professional and have provided some great insights to highlight between the three products.


The results
The following review produced have not been edited or altered in any sense, it is the original piece that the independent dietitian has provided. This review is conducted based on 3 brands: Project B (Product A), Lennox (Product B), Kitsui (Product C)

Dietitian: Cindy G (Ms.)
I was invited to evaluate the ingredients of this product for the purpose of weight losing/fat burning. To my limited experience and understanding on the current fat losing products available in the market, I will limit my opinion to only the information provided, and not the efficacy of the ingredient, dosage present etc.

Giving an overview, Product A has 8 functional ingredients; Product B has 3 functional ingredients; and Product C has 4 functional ingredients. Functional ingredient is the active ingredient that provides benefits to weight losing. Looking solely at the number of functional ingredients presented in each product, Product A stands to have a better competitive edge, better yet, the formula consists of all 8 functional ingredients only without any non-functional additives.

Product A have ingredients like Garcinia Cambogia, Enzymes, Green Tea Extract, Black Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Dandelion Root Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Guarana. As I was figuring why this many active ingredients are incorporated here, I am amazed to find that each ingredient has a role in different aspect, pair to work together for a better fat losing outcome. First they have alpha lipoic acid and guarana that suppress appetite to lower calorie intake, then they have digestive enzymes to help better digestion, then tea and coffee extracts to boost metabolism and supply energy to cells to support fat burning action, and finally garcinia cambogia which is known for its fat burning potential. This formula looks promising thus far, capable of taking care from top to end of weight management.

Product B has 3 functional ingredients, Garcinia Cambogia, L-Cartinine, Folium Cassia Angustifolia; and 2 tea ingredients, green tea and chrysanthemum. Strictly speaking it looks clean because the main ingredient (presented as the first under the ingredient list), green tea has high levels of antioxidants and when drink in large amount it does have weight losing and cleasing properties. However, things look too good until the ingredient Folium Cassia Angustifolia is noted. Folium Cassia Angustifolia is the scientific name for senna, many have known it as a laxative, contraindicated in pregnancy and may lead to dependence over long term consumption. This is the phenomenon happens in the weight loss supplement category, many fat loss product in the market are presented with senna, which help them to lose weight by excreting and going to the loo. I personally dislike this practice in the supplement market, because in the medicinal world, laxatives are indicated for constipation, not for the purpose of weight losing.

Product C has 4 functional ingredients African Mango, Green Coffee, L-Cartinine and Fibre. This formula is presented with additives like sweetener, mango juice for taste and bulking agent. The functional ingredients look good, but when additives like maltodextrin and sweetener are present, they increase the carbohydrate and sugar content, somehow contradicting the purpose of this product "fat losing". Perhaps this can be justified by studying the nutritional fact of this product, which I have not been provided with, so I will hold my doubts here. Nonetheless, this product has fat losing ingredients of african mango and L-cartinine; green coffee to supply energy for better metabolism; and fibre to promote easier excretion of waste for better weight management, standing out from Product B.

Next, let's look at their pricing. Product A is priced at RM5.80/serving; Product B RM1.70/serving; Product C RM2.50/serving. Although Product A seems to be the best formula presented compared to the rest, but the price is double. Personally, I do not think the price is unreasonable, Product C has 4 functional ingredients and it is cost at RM2.50, so when Product A offers 8 functional ingredient, assuming the equivalent in cost, it should price at RM5 at least. Able to justify why Product A is more expensive, but to consider the economical viability for long term consumption.

Not to side/endorse any products, if I must place a rank to these 3 products, I like Product A the best, amazed with the pairing of ingredients and keeping the formula clean without additives. Secondly, Product C and finally Product B, because I personally think incorporating senna/laxatives in weight loss product is a penalizing point.

Author's Note: We had no contact with Cindy G before the test was conducted, and she had never heard of Project B until after the results were gathered. These results were entirely independent and blind on her behalf.