Product: Project B Hydrolyzed Biomarine Collagen Peptide 5,000mg

Nurul F, Trial Volunteer
I volunteered for their product trial and was on collagen supplement for 2 months. It is amazing how my skin glows from within now, even my husband notices the change. I have then subscribed for their product and religiously taking it every day.

Adriana Kris, Trial Volunteer
I was put on a 2 trial of this product and I sign up for another 12 subscription program.

Sarah YL, Trial Volunteer
I love how this company is committed to conduct trials and reviews before getting the product launch. They know what they’re doing. I was surrounded by many other volunteers like myself, I am convinced with the results I witnessed! Subscribed for 12 months plan and would love to volunteer again for their next product trial x

Kaycee, Trial Volunteer
I was skeptical at first, but the 2 months product trial has surprisingly changed my skin. I am glad I enrolled in this and gave it a try.

SW Alice, Trial Volunteer
I take their collagen every morning, they pair pretty decent with my everyday breakfast. I have tried other fish collagen in the market and couldn’t continue for more than 2 weeks because of the heavy fish odor. Project B Collagen took care of this disgusted mouthfeel!

Nadia, Trial Volunteer
I mix up the flavors with their fruit booster for my collagen drink every now and then, so that excites my taste buds to keep taking it. I can see my pores have minimized and my skin is brighter now.

Amira R., Trial Volunteer
I am a huge fan of collagen supplements, so I went on to enroll this trial. They are careful when it comes to data collection, I am impressed with the fundamentals that this company has. Have then switched my supplements to theirs!

Chieng S, Trial Volunteer
Like their product packaging, product versatility with both unflavored and fruit boosters options. But definitely, love their results.

Tan WL, Trial Volunteer
I enrolled the trial with my mother. Both of us have seen results, some obvious flaws on our skin have seen improved and we are satisfied so far.

Reel, Pre-Launching Roadshow
I tried their collagen before it was launched, and have it ever since. It doesn’t stink like all the other fish collagen product does in the market, that’s the reason.

HY, Pre-Launching Roadshow
I was asked for a feedback, the unflavored version is versatile, and I like to mix it in my morning coffee. Otherwise, I’ll just pop their fruit boosters with it, passion fruit tastes the best.

Krishnan, Pre-Launching Roadshow
I adore their mission story and decided to try. It didn’t disappoint me, I have been on their collagen about 3 weeks now and I am already seeing improvement.

CJ, Pre-Launching Roadshow
I tried their free sampling for about 1 week, went back to purchase for more.

Farah N., Pre-Launching Roadshow
The team is really friendly and they carry a very positive vibe. 

Shirley, Pre-Launching Roadshow
I bought a bundle pack of collagen supplement and the 3 fruit boosters. I have them every morning on different flavors, love all the flavors especially kiwi!

Jia Shin Lee, Blog
I've added collagen into my diet, it took a while before I can see improvement but once you see it, you're never going back. My skin texture is slightly better, the fine lines around my eyes are gone and dark circles are lighten.

Chloeleongg_, Instagram
The appearance of my pores and skin elasticity has improved! 

Roxanne, Instagram
Collagen boosted on my must have midnight coffee instead of just my usual dose of coffee.

Talithabe, Instagram
I can't have my yoghurt raw anymore. Love their fruit booster x

Spicy Sharon, Blog
My skin felt dewier, smooth and I did not break out this time of the month as I had a history of acne and the tendency of breakout in the past.

Ayu Rafikah, Blog
Apabila saya telah membaca komen-komen positive mengenai Project B Collagen, semakin teruja saya ingin mencubanya sendiri. Lepas secara konsisten mengambil selama seminggu, nampak lebih berseri sedikit wajah. Ini apa yang dikongsikan oleh ahli keluarga saya, hehhee. 

Casslks, Instagram
After about 10 days of consuming B Collagen, my skin texture seemed to be finer and smoother with improved elasticity. 

Thiviya.bskrn, Instagram
B I love you! It's working on me, I can feel my skin elasticity is increasing!

Syazwana Jamal, Blog
Aku rasa muka aku dah kurang part merah tu (acne scares). Now kawan aku cakap muka makin glowing :P

Iena Eliena, Blog
Ini merupakan bulan kedua Cik Iena amalkan B Collagen. Kesan diawal dua minggu pengambilan adalah kulit lebih lembab dan anjal. Setelah sebulan pengambilan, masalah tona kulit tidak sekata Cik Iena hilang!

Yvonne, Blog
I have tried different collagen products available in the market & I have seem the improvement to my skin condition after consumption of this collagen. I love taking this collagen with the Project B 100% Natural Fruit Booster, previously I have dry skin and my face tends to produce oil to keep my skin hydrated but after consuming this collagen, I am glad to see the improvement in hydration level of the skin on my face and body and my skin feels smoother. I am looking forward to the slowing down and reversing of skin ageing results with this product. 

Novaleeza, Blog
Nova dah consume 2 bulan dah dan Nova nampak sendiri perubahan yang positif, kata kawan Nova, "kulit ok tanpa makeup" Oh my.. memang suka! Thanks to Project B for creating an excellent product and keep on going B! I love you.

My Beauty Cravings, Facebook
One month after consuming the collagen daily, I noticed good results - creamier and fairer skin. I'm only sharing Project B close to 3 months later because 1) I was wary of potential backlash in promoting a supplement product and 2) I continue to see results. Just giving credit when credit is due :)

Deecoded, Instagram
I just realized that my skin looks so glowy even in the morning! The collagen is working wonder. I've been drinking B Collagen for about a month now and I've noticed recently that my skin is super soft! Like it used to be years ago.

Dayve Rampas, Blog
I have been taking Collagen from various brands for over 10 years now and there are a few brands which do not offer the result that I was looking for. After 30 days of consuming B Collagen, I noticed the rashes has reduced (but still got a few lah), deep lines on my forehead has also diminished, and I also noticed that my skin has gotten smoother a bit. Besides that, the joints pain has reduced. I no longer use concealer to dab on my blemishes because I can now just pat a small amount of CC Cream all over my face.



Product: Project B 100% Bird Nest Extract

CM Teh, Trial Volunteer
I am a regular bird nest drinker, which is also why I have participated this new product trial. I am glad that it lives the claim and have this at home ever since for convenience purposes, when I do not have the time to cook myself a bird nest soup.

Nadia, Trial Volunteer
This is my second participation in Project B new product trial. I am just so happy to be a part of this development system, I like how they take each new product this seriously. I have witnessed how they abandoned poor products too despite the investment cost. I became a huge believer of Project B ever since. 

Joyce T, Trial Volunteer
My mom used to always make bird nest soup for me, especially when my university exams are near, when I see Project B is coming out with something that is 5 times more concentrated than the regular bird nest, I am down! I guess I don't have much to say because they did a pretty good job in documenting all the volunteers' responses in the product trial result.

Chandar S, Trial Volunteer
My facial complexion has apparently improved and I like how effortless it is for me to get ready for a date or outing now! 

Chan JK, Trial Volunteer
My friends have recommended me to participate in this product trial after getting out of a minor surgery to boost my immunity and hopefully heal & recover faster. Indeed, I feel less tired and I can get out of bed earlier than expectation. 

Ain F., Trial Volunteer
My skin looks more dewy and fairer after consuming B Bird Nest for some time. My friends admire the energy I place across, they have so much positive comments on me!

Aliaa, Trial Volunteer
After 2 months consumption, I see how this supplement changes my body in terms of complexion, energy and immunity; and can never go back. I have then placed a pre-order for my entire family before they put it on the market.