Please note: None of the customers below were given money to write their testimonial. More of these are available on Instagram Highlights "You Said" @projectb.asia


Product: Project B Hydrolyzed Biomarine Collagen Peptide 5,000mg

Nurul F, Trial Volunteer
I volunteered for their product trial and was on collagen supplement for 2 months. It is amazing how my skin glows from within now, even my husband notices the change. I have then subscribed for their product and religiously taking it every day.

Adriana Kris, Trial Volunteer
I was put on a 2 trial of this product and I sign up for another 12 subscription program.

Sarah YL, Trial Volunteer
I love how this company is committed to conduct trials and reviews before getting the product launch. They know what they’re doing. I was surrounded by many other volunteers like myself, I am convinced with the results I witnessed! Subscribed for 12 months plan and would love to volunteer again for their next product trial x

Kaycee, Trial Volunteer
I was skeptical at first, but the 2 months product trial has surprisingly changed my skin. I am glad I enrolled in this and gave it a try.

SW Alice, Trial Volunteer
I take their collagen every morning, they pair pretty decent with my everyday breakfast. I have tried other fish collagen in the market and couldn’t continue for more than 2 weeks because of the heavy fish odor. Project B Collagen took care of this disgusted mouthfeel!

Nadia, Trial Volunteer
I mix up the flavors with their fruit booster for my collagen drink every now and then, so that excites my taste buds to keep taking it. I can see my pores have minimized and my skin is brighter now.

Amira R., Trial Volunteer
I am a huge fan of collagen supplements, so I went on to enroll this trial. They are careful when it comes to data collection, I am impressed with the fundamentals that this company has. Have then switched my supplements to theirs!

Chieng S, Trial Volunteer
Like their product packaging, product versatility with both unflavored and fruit boosters options. But definitely, love their results.

Tan WL, Trial Volunteer
I enrolled the trial with my mother. Both of us have seen results, some obvious flaws on our skin have seen improved and we are satisfied so far.

Reel, Pre-Launching Roadshow
I tried their collagen before it was launched, and have it ever since. It doesn’t stink like all the other fish collagen product does in the market, that’s the reason.

HY, Pre-Launching Roadshow
I was asked for a feedback, the unflavored version is versatile, and I like to mix it in my morning coffee. Otherwise, I’ll just pop their fruit boosters with it, passion fruit tastes the best.

Krishnan, Pre-Launching Roadshow
I adore their mission story and decided to try. It didn’t disappoint me, I have been on their collagen about 3 weeks now and I am already seeing improvement.

CJ, Pre-Launching Roadshow
I tried their free sampling for about 1 week, went back to purchase for more.

Farah N., Pre-Launching Roadshow
The team is really friendly and they carry a very positive vibe. 

Shirley, Pre-Launching Roadshow
I bought a bundle pack of collagen supplement and the 3 fruit boosters. I have them every morning on different flavors, love all the flavors especially kiwi!

Jia Shin Lee, Blog
I've added collagen into my diet, it took a while before I can see improvement but once you see it, you're never going back. My skin texture is slightly better, the fine lines around my eyes are gone and dark circles are lighten.

Chloeleongg_, Instagram
The appearance of my pores and skin elasticity has improved! 

Roxanne, Instagram
Collagen boosted on my must have midnight coffee instead of just my usual dose of coffee.

Talithabe, Instagram
I can't have my yoghurt raw anymore. Love their fruit booster x

Spicy Sharon, Blog
My skin felt dewier, smooth and I did not break out this time of the month as I had a history of acne and the tendency of breakout in the past.

Ayu Rafikah, Blog
Apabila saya telah membaca komen-komen positive mengenai Project B Collagen, semakin teruja saya ingin mencubanya sendiri. Lepas secara konsisten mengambil selama seminggu, nampak lebih berseri sedikit wajah. Ini apa yang dikongsikan oleh ahli keluarga saya, hehhee. 

Casslks, Instagram
After about 10 days of consuming B Collagen, my skin texture seemed to be finer and smoother with improved elasticity. 

Thiviya.bskrn, Instagram Message
B I love you! It's working on me, I can feel my skin elasticity is increasing!

Syazwana Jamal, Blog
Aku rasa muka aku dah kurang part merah tu (acne scares). Now kawan aku cakap muka makin glowing :P

Iena Eliena, Blog
Ini merupakan bulan kedua Cik Iena amalkan B Collagen. Kesan diawal dua minggu pengambilan adalah kulit lebih lembab dan anjal. Setelah sebulan pengambilan, masalah tona kulit tidak sekata Cik Iena hilang!

Yvonne, Blog
I have tried different collagen products available in the market & I have seem the improvement to my skin condition after consumption of this collagen. I love taking this collagen with the Project B 100% Natural Fruit Booster, previously I have dry skin and my face tends to produce oil to keep my skin hydrated but after consuming this collagen, I am glad to see the improvement in hydration level of the skin on my face and body and my skin feels smoother. I am looking forward to the slowing down and reversing of skin ageing results with this product. 

Novaleeza, Blog
Nova dah consume 2 bulan dah dan Nova nampak sendiri perubahan yang positif, kata kawan Nova, "kulit ok tanpa makeup" Oh my.. memang suka! Thanks to Project B for creating an excellent product and keep on going B! I love you.

My Beauty Cravings, Facebook
One month after consuming the collagen daily, I noticed good results - creamier and fairer skin. I'm only sharing Project B close to 3 months later because 1) I was wary of potential backlash in promoting a supplement product and 2) I continue to see results. Just giving credit when credit is due :)

Deecoded, Instagram
I just realized that my skin looks so glowy even in the morning! The collagen is working wonder. I've been drinking B Collagen for about a month now and I've noticed recently that my skin is super soft! Like it used to be years ago.

Dayve Rampas, Blog
I have been taking Collagen from various brands for over 10 years now and there are a few brands which do not offer the result that I was looking for. After 30 days of consuming B Collagen, I noticed the rashes has reduced (but still got a few lah), deep lines on my forehead has also diminished, and I also noticed that my skin has gotten smoother a bit. Besides that, the joints pain has reduced. I no longer use concealer to dab on my blemishes because I can now just pat a small amount of CC Cream all over my face.

Luminnej, Blog
We got creative one weekend and since the brand did state that their products can be mixed into a variety of concoction, we decided to add them into our morning pancake mix. True enough, it turned out exactly what we had expected - perfectly delicious and delectable. Overall, we do find that by consuming B Collagen, it helps boost our overall elasticity and radiance of our complexion gradually over time. Of course, we can't totally claim that they fade away our stubborn facial pigmentation and open pores, but we do feel energised, almost like a boost of zest for our skin.

Deecoded, Blog
I love that it doesn’t taste fishy at all, unlike other powder collagen supplements in Singapore. About a month after I first started using it, I woke up one morning and noticed that my skin was soft again, and it looked brighter, too. Even though I subjected it to a few days of sun and sea in Tioman and 2 weeks of cold winter weather of Sydney, it retained its newfound suppleness. I was having my bridesmaid makeup done in Sydney during said winter when the makeup artist commented: “I am so floored by your skin, it’s like butter!”. I also noticed that my nails are not as brittle as they used to be. I love that this impacts my whole body and not just my face! I was so impressed that I raved about it to my flatmate Jemma, who decided to try it, too. For her, the result has been hydrated skin and less painful joints after she plays badminton. She loves the effect so much that she stocked up on the product this weekend. I love it because it’s not that expensive, it doesn’t taste fishy, and it doesn’t come flavoured with sugary stuff like those others in bottles, so it’s very diet-friendly, even for people on keto. This is now one of my holy grail skincare products.

My Beauty Cravings, Blog
To be honest, I was skeptical because I used to take Meiji Amino Collagen in my twenties and didn’t notice any improvement. After a few weeks of taking Project B’s Collagen Powder, I noticed my skin appearing more radiant and taut. And best of all, my knees no longer hurt and I could resume my jog after a 2-months hiatus.

Makwan1119, Instagram Message
This is my 3rd can of B Collagen, used to be very skeptical about this kind of product due to the past experiences, but Project B products change my mind. I like the 'bare' concept, and like the point that the product is 'clean'. I bought B Fat Burner for my boyfriend who is trying to lose weight too. Really happy with the product and service!!

am3lia_t, Instagram Message
Hello Project B, I am literally in love with your B Collagen! One of the BEST and EFFECTIVE product I've ever tried! I taken B Collagen in the evening - before bedtime and guess what, the next morning it transform my skin to "crystal clear skin" - no lie. I've a fair skin but with Project B Collagen, it makes my skin even clearer, brighter and firmer. Loving your product to the max!

sawkexinggg, Instagram Message
Hello, I only had B Collagen for a week but I'm already seeing changes! My face is literally glowing and hydrated. So looking forward to seeing the end results!

San Qeetha, Facebook Message
I have been using the collagen for the past 1 week and have seen improvement in my skin texture. Normally my body reacts badly to marine collagen but not the Project B Biomarine Collagen which im very impressed.
Having said that, i would like to try the uv white product. Will order it soon. Me being a firm believer in research data, I was elated with the research report. Thank you for that and keep it up.

Ewwis, Instagram Message
I dare to go bare skin on weekends. I personally feel the collagen is going good for my joints, I feel it during workout. I’m glad I took the first step and tried your products and will continue to use them.

Maturos PongchaowanapreechaFacebook Post Comment
Just drink it this morning with juice, no fish odour but taste of vitamin C!

Ewwis, Instagram Message
My friend made her first purchase last weekend after having tried the can of collagen I shared with her. My friend loves the result! And she’s about to get her Korean friend to try it out too!
[Attached with before & after photo on IG Story Highlight "You Said III"

Azah Boemia Anuarul, Facebook Post Comment
I've been using B Collagen and B UV White for a few months now (at least 6 months) and I can certainly feel and see the difference! I've tried many similar product before, but Project B is the best so far and it suits me :)

Shirleychinsl, Instagram Message
Really love what have these products do to my skin. My skin complexion has changed from dull to bright within 2 weeks!



Product: Project B 100% Bird Nest Extract

CM Teh, Trial Volunteer
I am a regular bird nest drinker, which is also why I have participated this new product trial. I am glad that it lives the claim and have this at home ever since for convenience purposes, when I do not have the time to cook myself a bird nest soup.

Nadia, Trial Volunteer
This is my second participation in Project B new product trial. I am just so happy to be a part of this development system, I like how they take each new product this seriously. I have witnessed how they abandoned poor products too despite the investment cost. I became a huge believer of Project B ever since. 

Joyce T, Trial Volunteer
My mom used to always make bird nest soup for me, especially when my university exams are near, when I see Project B is coming out with something that is 5 times more concentrated than the regular bird nest, I am down! I guess I don't have much to say because they did a pretty good job in documenting all the volunteers' responses in the product trial result.

Chandar S, Trial Volunteer
My facial complexion has apparently improved and I like how effortless it is for me to get ready for a date or outing now! 

Chan JK, Trial Volunteer
My friends have recommended me to participate in this product trial after getting out of a minor surgery to boost my immunity and hopefully heal & recover faster. Indeed, I feel less tired and I can get out of bed earlier than expectation. 

Ain F., Trial Volunteer
My skin looks more dewy and fairer after consuming B Bird Nest for some time. My friends admire the energy I place across, they have so much positive comments on me!

Aliaa, Trial Volunteer
After 2 months consumption, I see how this supplement changes my body in terms of complexion, energy and immunity; and can never go back. I have then placed a pre-order for my entire family before they put it on the market. 

Noni, Instagram Message
Got my order and even in hospital I'm consuming it!

Thekhayalan, Instagram Message
I started my day with Project B! So far I feel energetic consuming B Bird Nest & B Collagen daily. Can't wait to finish them!

Nuriah Bahruddin, Email
Hi there! I'm Nuriah, one of your Bird Nest's consumer. Well done guys as I'm really satisfied with the outcome.

Noor Hasikin, Email
I really love your bird nest. Sejak dah ambil sarang burung ini, badan lebih rasa bertenaga. Lagipun saya pregnant, biasanya cepat letih, now sangat okay. Terima kasih hasilkan product yang best!

Am3lia_t, Instagram Message
B bird nest works so well to me! My skin so much radiant and glowing after 2 times of consuming it 💖

Sbnew, Instagram Message
Just wanna tell you and your team that I have received 3 cans of bird nest powder, my mom really liked them and my other family members are purchasing your products too. They can't wait to try them out. Thank you, really appreciate💜



Product: Project B Fat Burner

Steph, Trial Volunteer
I followed them since the first trial they did with their collagen product and entered this to lose some fat. They were looking for sedentary people without doing heavy exercise (I thought, that's me), and came out of the trial with 4kg less, 4.15kg to be exact, I haven't lost this much this efficiently before. 

Azizah J., Trial Volunteer
Being a mother of 4, I have no time for exercise and for myself. I put myself on this B Fat Burner trial for 2 months and restrict my diet, lost some stubborn fat and really satisfied with the results! Glad to have accommodated to this lifestyle. Pre-ordered another 2 month's supply. 

Raveena, Trial Volunteer
After giving birth, it gets difficult to return to my previous weight. As a result of this trial, I lost 3.8kg, really glad to have fit this into my diet to help burn the extra calories, will continue this on an occasional basis.

Nisa H, Trial Volunteer
I have always been teased as plump since young, never had confident to flaunt my body. Being on this trial helped me achieve my goal faster. Other than taking this supplement, I changed my diet to eat clean and healthy. (Weight Before: 75kg; Weight After: 69kg)

Norqidah S, Trial Volunteer
Got to meet Dr Kurt (the formulator) once when I went back for group recording, he is such an inspiration. He taught us the sustainable lifestyle care and the correct use of fat burning supplements. I am maintaining my weight at 50kg now (175cm), and is really happy to hold it here. 

Dheenika P, Trial Volunteer
It runs in my family that my body has never been the thin type, I've tried some weight losing method/program but the results are not sustainable. Participating this trial has changed my life, I changed my lifestyle, diet and paired with some occasional light exercise. These efforts are complemented by the Fat Burner, I lost 5kg in total and have been maintaining since then.

Lu RH, Roadshow Campaign
I am a professional triathlon athlete on 6 days a week, twice a day training, watching really closely on my body fat percentage. I have been on several fat burners for better sports performance, but I like how B Fat Burner offers the versatility so I can blend with my other sports supplements.  

Siew Ching P, Roadshow Campaign
My husband has started teasing about my appearance, the usual before-and-after-marriage kinda joke. But I would like to see a change in myself too, and decided to purchase this product home for a try after learning the explanation from the girls at the roadshow. After consuming it for a month now, I have lost 3kg in total, without much alteration to my lifestyle and diet.

Klehrahahng, Instagram Message
I am nearly finisihing with B Fat Burner and I am pleased with it. It has definitely aided my weight loss and I am nearly reaching my weight goal! 

Thepolkadotslover, Instagram Message
The result was quite good. Pair with work out and balanced meal, I've lost 3kgs. Gonna try 2nd batch!  

Siskaanas, Instagram Message
I’ve been taking the B Fiber + B Fat Burner for 4 days now, working out for 2 hrs daily. I feel great and full of energy! I’ve lost 1.5kg since too!

Totororedwine, Instagram Message
Received the product this wednesday and my body weight has dropped from 54.5kg (27% body fat percentage) to 54.1kg (26.7% body fat percentage) after 3 days of consumption. Satisfied with the result! Hoping to reach 48kg with Project B Fat Burner soon.

Siskaanas, Instagram Message
I have successfully completed my trail run while being on B Fat Burner, it was great! Full of energy and not once I felt extra thirsty or dehydrated as I feared

Missylonglegs, Instagram Message
Hi there! :) Just wanted to let you guys know that B Fat Burner has been working for me even though I just started taking it at the beginning of the month (message received on the 31st March). I've been controlling my diet, but no exercise and today I weighed myself - lost 1kg!!

Eguchi Ryou, Facebook Messenger
I love B Fat Burner. I’ve got good results after 2 weeks of use. It doesn’t make me feel thirsty or increase heart rate. I also have better stamina during workout. Next I will try B Naked Meal once my current one is finished. 😊

Siskaanas, Instagram Message
Your products are really great! I have been able to compliment my workouts with B Fat Burner + B Fiber. I've since lost and kept away almost 9kg (after 7 months of consistent use)❤️❤️❤️

Jas.miint, Instagram Message
I just wanted to update that I've been using B Fat Burner + B Naked Meal for a while and I'm pretty satisfied so far! B Naked Meal does keep me satisfied for 5-6 hours till my next meal and it's helping with my bowel movements too! 

I'm buying B Collagen next and can't wait to try! Thanks for your awesome customer service and being so paitnet with my questions!

Anashaid, Instagram Message
Its been two weeks now and i see so much difference. I exercise twice a day and aiming to have 11 abs but some of the fat on my stomach somehow refuse to leave me. After i consume this product and combine with keto diet for lunch and exercise twice a day. I see so much different. In two weeks time, my abs is so much different from two weeks ago! Way to go project b! I am extremely happy!

missylonglegs, Instagram Message
Hey Project B! Just wanted to reach out again to let you guys know that I have really been enjoying using the fat burner. I can see the results and even better, those around me say that I have slimmed down too! Thanks for being my secret weapon! 😂💪


Product: Project B Fiber+

Cheryl H., Trial Volunteer
I have never liked products that "detox/cleanse" the gut, because I have tried many in the market they give me a very unpleasant stomachache and forced me to loo. This B Fiber+ doesn't provide me the unpleasant experience and changed my perception totally. 

Ferra A, Trial Volunteer
I came to this trial with my sister, each of us now have lost about 5kg by just restoring our bowel habits. Our family loves high protein/meat diet, which explains the lack of fiber. After completing this trial, we purchased more for our own use and we made our family member to take this everyday now. 

Varyne T, Trial Volunteer
I usually had like twice, max 3 times a week bowel movement, which was why I participated to this trial to "restore" my system. Now, I rarely need to worry about this anymore and have regular once daily smooth toilet experience. Oh, it doesn't ache, it lives to its claim of the smooth out experience. Love love love it! 

Dierra P, Trial Volunteer
My bowel was pretty normal, about 4 times bowel movement per week. Regardless, sometimes after heavy meals, I feel bloated for long hours, so decided to try it out to see how the "smooth in" work. Although I was still advised to correct my eating habit to lower the food intake per meal, but I can feel the overall experience is a pleasant one.

Ravindren, Trial Volunteer
During this trial I had the chance to interact with the other trial volunteers, many of us have the common habit: low fiber diet and lack of bowel regularity. The product specialist explains the importance to restore the intestinal health and bowel habit as a whole, which I enjoyed learning. After the trial, I am really pleased with what the product has done, 10 out of 10 of us loves the flexibility on using the product, able to alter and match our lifestyle and diet, and most importantly the smooth-in-smooth-out experience that it provides. I now make sure my husband drinks this too every morning before heading to work. 

Siti K, Trial Volunteer
I am a really particular person and read on every ingredient on every product label before I purchase anything for my household. Can't say I'm easy haha. I love how simple and straightforward this brand is when it comes to the ingredients they use, and having to try it for myself during this trial, I see results! I never openly praise anything much, but this company deserves for what they are doing. When it is ready to launch, I am ready to purchase the whole series. 

Low CN, Trial Volunteer
I have taken this everyday for the first 30 days. My experience is that I notice my pass motion has already been smooth the 3rd day onwards and have never changed ever since. After the 30 days trial, I try to change my diet and take enough fruits and vegetables to maintain the system, only occasionally take this product on days when I feel my diet doesnt provide enough fiber. 

Adia N, Trial Volunteer
I am 80kg before trial and wanted to lose weight using products but still healthy weight losing. I have seen many products which claim huge weight loss with fast result, but I am really concerned with the ingredients behind. Before participating in this trial, the consultant made sure my concern was well addressed, explained that this is a dietary fiber blend, no medicinal ingredients. I then went on a clean diet, pair with B Fiber+, have lost at least 10kg in 30 days. I go to the loo everyday making sure my system is clean and replenish with clean and healthy food. I feel really good and healthy in general, although I am still working hard to lose another 15kg at least.

Klehrahahng, Instagram Message
B Fiber+ has helped to clear my bowels and I actually lost 1kg (after 1 week use)!

Alicia Lak, Facebook Messenger
Is there any upcoming promotion? I want to purchase more B Fiber+ as I find it really effective, and I don’t want to miss out on any offers. 

Klehrahahng, Instagram Message
I wanted to let you know that about a week ago, I recommended my mum to try the Fiber+ because my mum has been struggling with constipation for a long time. There were times she had to sit on the toilet for a long time and her stools would be so hard. But after heeding my advice and consuming Fiber+ for more than a week, she told me that she has been able to go to the toilet with ease. There were times she could even go twice which is a miracle in her case. She feels great because her system is being cleansed. Thank you so much for creating this product it has not only benefited me, but my loved ones as well 😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️

Siskaanas, Instagram Message
I’ve been taking the B Fiber + B Fat Burner for 4 days now, working out for 2 hrs daily. I feel great and full of energy! I’ve lost 1.5kg since too!

Siskaanas, Instagram Message
Your products are really great! I have been able to compliment my workouts with B Fat Burner + B Fiber. I've since lost and kept away almost 9kg (after 7 months of consistent use)❤️❤️❤️



Product: Project B UV White Dermal Brightening System
Nuraiza M., Trial Volunteer
I have always dreamed of having a brighter and healthier complexion, like those models on magazines hahah. I am so glad my skin is brighter now, my data was 5 tones fairer! Really happy with the results, purchased another 2 sets to continue the consumption.

Cynthia K., Trial Volunteer
My wedding is about 8 months after this trial, I signed up hoping I would have a fairer skin and be the glowing bride. I wasn't holding high hope that this product will have an apparent result. But kid me not, my skin is obviously fairer by 2-3 tones in just 2 weeks consumption! My fiance noticed it too!! 

Ella T., Trial Volunteer
I am a really active sportsperson, I like scubadiving and hiking a lot. I tried this product mainly for its UV protection, because I am very concerned with my constant exposure to UV rays and worry of skin cancer etc. To my surprise, not only have I stopped getting tanned, this product has also brighten my complexion overall.

Farhana Ab., Trial Volunteer
I have darker knuckles, elbow, armpit that I wish they can be lighter. After the 2 months trial, the darker areas have been lightened and blend really well with the surrounding skin. I am pleased with the even skin tone I have now.

Chung PY, Trial Volunteer
I used to have acne prone skin and left multiple acne scars on the face. The consumption of this B UV White has lightened the scars and lite my face up! I haven't had the confidence and felt this good fo a long time.

Angeline G., Trial Volunteer
I am 54 this year and have freckles & dark spots on the cheek area, I did laser removal but some of them are not long lasting and the freckles/dark spots will come back. I hop on this product to have a maintenance, so the freckles/dark spots stop growing and expanding in area. I watch my face everyday, and happy that so far there's no new freckles/dark spot formation and the old parts have seemed to be lightened too! I subscribe another 2 packs course.

Megs L, Trial Volunteer
I use whitening everything, whitening facial wash, whitening lotion, moisturizer, serum, and a lot of sunblock everyday. I am the type of girl that is borned tan, but dying for fair skin. Although I'm also the type that is scared of sunlight, and would hide under every shelter, I am still far from my desired skin color. Being attracted to everything that can lighten my body/skin tone, I signed up for this trial. After 2 months consumption, my skin is fairer by another 6 tones, I am so happy, it feels easier than all the other methods I tried previously. 

Erina H., Trial Volunteer
I find this product really effective and have achieved 4 tones lighter in overall body & facial skin tone. Love how this company is providing such useful product! Will purchase and try other products under them once they're launched.

Ewwis, Instagram Message
It’s very encouraging when someone endorse the product. They are so many options in the market, some are cheaper price but promoting to be as good. Personally for myself I like what I see, B UV White is helping me to contain my pigmentations issue. Except for one spot that I’ve had for 3 years now, no other way but laser eventually. Good thing according to my aesthetic doctor is that is has lighten up! I try to go out in bare face as much as possible these days.

Azah Boemia Anuarul, Facebook Post Comment
I've been using B UV White and B Collagen for a few months now (at least 6 months) and I can certainly feel and see the difference! I've tried many similar product before, but Project B is the best so far and it suits me :)

Shirleychinsl, Instagram Message
Really love what have these products do to my skin. My skin complexion has changed from dull to bright within 2 weeks!

Jessiie_may94, Instagram Message
I can clearly see my skin has become very vibrant, fair and shinny. I’m very satisfied and it hasn’t been a month yet! I’m very happy with this result and will continue to consume for maintenance. I’ve tried so many products but all didn’t work out for me, so I choose Project B and you didnt let me down or disappoint me. I’m really very very happy. Thank you so much!

 shsheemaa, Instagram Message
I consumed it halfway, which I got it from my friend. I see a lot of improvement on my skin and decided to buy for my own.



Product: Project B Naked Meal
Rina K., Trial Volunteer
The 3/5/8 servings formula is genius! I really really like how they encourage eating according to your appetite and calories requirement. Although in this trial, we are fixed to have 5 tablespoon regular sized meal every day, but the idea of this small, regular, standard size meal is really crazy and I appreciate how personalized it is to every individual. On top of this, I would like to add on, having 5 tablespoon (regular size) can really last me a meal and I don’t feel hungry until the next meal, I have lost 6kg in a month by just replacing what I eat with B Naked Meal. Really good product!

Yasmin E., Trial Volunteer
I am a huge junk food person, and B Naked Meal has helped me to stick with healthy food options. Well, I still eat unhealthy food, but a lot less of it. Had B Naked Meal for a month and have never felt this good with my current lifestyle, lost about 4.5kg with more of B Naked Meal and a lot less of unhealthy meals. On a more irrelevant side note, I realized I have also managed to save a lot of money that I would’ve spent on junk food. 

Nicole Tan, Trial Volunteer
Very convenient and filling! Just add water and shake it to make a complete meal. I usually have B Naked Meal for breakfast and I am not hungry all morning. I’m now at least consuming breakfast 7 days a week (I used to skip breakfast all the time) and I really appreciate this nutritious and quick meal option.

Naj H., Trial Volunteer
I recommend this to anyone on the go, or anyone trying to lose or gain weight. Or just be healthy! B Naked Meal is an efficient way to get what my body needs everyday, everytime, for every meal! Now I'm really crazy about it.

Joey G., Trial Volunteer
I'm vegan, so I needed plant-based liquid nutrients. I really appreciate the fact that B Naked Meal can provide all the nutrients that I need on a daily basis. I have better focus and concentration, and haven’t needed a coffee fix for a while. I never thought I could have this level of energy again!

Prema M., Trial Volunteer
After doing this for a month, B Naked Meal dropped my blood sugar, lost weight and helped me sleep better! I have tried many ways to keep a good lifestyle and had difficulty following it, but B Naked Meal makes it a lot easier. It took a little while for my body to adjust, but now I’m in love with it.

Myra F., Trial Volunteer
I started to work out regularly about 5 months before I joined this trial, tried to lose weight and keep a good lifestyle, but it just wasn't really doing anything - I kept breaking even. Then I realized my diet was terrible. I was always eating out, and not making good food choices.

In the trial, I get at least 1 good B Naked Meal a day and continue to put myself to at least 1-2 B Naked Meal a day after the trial ends. I’m so glad I have worked through my issues of making bad diet choices. I lost about 5.1kg during the trial, and now I am at 7kg lesser than I used to be.

Jas.miint, Instagram Message
I just wanted to update that I've been using B Fat Burner + B Naked Meal for a while and I'm pretty satisfied so far! B Naked Meal does keep me satisfied for 5-6 hours till my next meal and it's helping with my bowel movements too! 

I'm buying B Collagen next and can't wait to try! Thanks for your awesome customer service and being so paitnet with my questions!

Anashaid, Instagram Message
Its been two weeks now and i see so much difference. I exercise twice a day and aiming to have 11 abs but some of the fat on my stomach somehow refuse to leave me. After i consume this product and combine with keto diet for lunch and exercise twice a day. I see so much different. In two weeks time, my abs is so much different from two weeks ago! Way to go project b! I am extremely happy!