Formulation Review Report | Project B Fiber+

Product Studied: Project B Fiber+

We at Project B emphasize on being bare and transparent of our product ingredient and formulation. We have an extensive product development stage, carefully engineer every product to ensure they work. As a part of our groundwork, we reach out to a number of independent professionals for a blind test to compare the nutritional information and ingredients of our formula with the available brands in the market.

Under this review, we reached out to independent dietician to compare the nutritional information and ingredients of fiber products from two other brands: Tremella Dx, PhytoFiber and Project B, to see if there was any way to improve it. This was a blind test, that Tremella Dx's, PhytoFiber's and Project B's names are never disclosed during the creation of the reviews. The dietician was not paid or given anything to endorse any of these products.

This product has been studied and fine-tuned for over 20 months before the formulation is confirmed. We took another 4 months to test its efficacy profile on over 32 individuals before it is being delivered to you. This part of the report reviews the product formulation, where we have another part of the report displays the results of the efficacy profile.

The results in brief
Rank 1: Project B Fiber+
Rank 2: Tremella Dx
Rank 3: Phyto Fiber


Who are the formulators
We work closely with Ms Leah during the study and selection of the fiber ingredients. Ms Leah works professionally full time as a private health and nutrition consultant for almost 15 years in the United Kingdom, successfully transformed life of thousands owning a diversed client portfolio.

Here, we took over 20 months to finalize the product formula, where ingredients are ensured at their optimum effective dose, complement with its product efficacy profile and portfolio.


Who have we approached
We wanted to carry out a fair review of our product, so we have invited Ms. Freya C, an independent dietician with 7 years of working experience in the private hospital sector. We believe Freya C has the capability in sounding a credible opinion in view of her profession. We look forward to gaining some insights from the review generated.

What is Dietician
Dietician is the expert in the field of food and nutrition, capable in altering patient's nutrition based upon their medical condition and individual needs, licensed to assess, diagnose and treat nutritional problems.


What have been evaluated
The nutritional information and ingredients of fiber product from three brands: Tremella Dx, PhytoFiber and Project B are compared and evaluated. 


The information we provided for review
Below shows the information the dietician was provided:

It was a totally blind test. The dietician was paid for her time producing the reviews, but not to endorse or favour any product. The reviews below aren't perfect, and we are the first to admit such. However, Freya C is expert in her field, highly professional and have provided some great insights to highlight between the three products.


The results
The following review produced have not been edited or altered in any sense, it is the original piece that the independent dietician has provided. This review is conducted based on 3 brands: Tremella Dx (Product A), Project B Fiber+ (Product B), Phyto Fiber (Product C)

Dietician: Freya C (Ms)

Let's start this review with a personal note, I am a huge believer of living healthy, clean label, 100% no junk kind of person. My review may be directed to my limited professional knowledge, personal preference, lifestyle and spending habits, this may be used as a reference by public but I do not represent voice of any party except myself.

Lets start from the top to bottom of the information provided: Product A's ingredient profile consists of those can supply good source of fiber and some natural food stimulant for weight loss. This formula is also made special with the addition an ingredient established for better skin complexion. Just briefly, I believe this product is good for people who would like to have multiple function in one: fibre, weight control and skin.

In the recent years, many products similar to Product A (multiple function in 1 product) have risen in the market. As much as Product A's formula may sound really convenient, I personally prefer companies which offer specialized product, unless the company provides full effective dose to make sure they live up to every individual claims. Just take an example, if x offers 10g/serving packed with only fiber, and y offers the same 10g/serving for fiber + whitening + weight loss; with the same serving size, x caters for 1 function while y for multiple functions, so essentially the good stuff present in y is "shared". As a side note, Product A also carries a minimal amount of additives which is believed use to thicken and provide texture for the supplement.

Product B ingredients are pretty straightforward, majority are fiber components with probiotic & prebiotic, enzymes and hyaluronic acid. This product formula looks really comfortable for the gut, the high fiber, good bacteria, enzymes are really beneficial for intestinal health and have had many well established data. Comparing this product with Product A, B is seen to be more focused on intestinal health. I am pleased with the formula, all ingredients have their own role and there are no added additives, nothing major I can really pick on.

Product C is formed from mostly fruits and plant fibers, I believe it is also capable to provide a good amount of antioxidants. There is nothing complex with this formula, it seems to me as a rather healthy fruit and vegetable drink or dietary supplement. However, ingredient fructose (sugar) is listed as the first ingredient, with oat as the second, which means the sugar amount is more than that of oats and other ingredients that follow behind. I would be concerned with the high sugar share in this product, more if I were to plan to consume everyday.

On the price per serving, Product B (RM5.80/serv) is the most expensive comparing to Product A (RM4.40/serv) and Product C (RM4.25/serv). Product B offers premium ingredients like probiotics, digestive enzymes and hyaluronic acid, these are specialty ingredients that can go up to RM1.50/serving on their own (single ingredient). With that, I think the price of RM5.80/serving of Product B is a bargain, it is only RM1.40 more expensive, but you get a more than just fiber (you have probiotics, enzymes and HA too).

These 3 products actually do have their individual advantage, perhaps should favour to individual's needs. Product A is good for individuals who want to have a little of both fiber and weight loss in one; Product B is good for someone who wants a complete gut/digestive/intestinal health service; Product C is good for people who wants an extra fruits and vege in their diet.

Writing up to this point, I believe my favourite is obvious: Product B, the ingredients are clean, 100% no additives and is specialized in strengthening gut health as a whole to promote better absorption and excretion function, which in turn can also benefit weight control and management in this sense. Secondly would be Product A, and lastly Product C.

Author's Note: We had no contact with Freya C before the test was conducted, and she had never heard of Project B until after the results were gathered. These results were entirely independent and blind on her behalf.