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Product Studied: Project B Mind Boost

We at Project B emphasize on being bare and transparent of our product ingredient and formulation. We have an extensive product development stage, carefully engineer every product to ensure they work. As a part of our groundwork, we reach out to a number of independent professionals for a blind test to compare the nutritional information and ingredients of our formula with the available brands in the market.

Under this review, we reached out to independent traditional practitioner to compare the nutritional information and ingredients of bird nest product from two other brands: Thomson, Swisse and Project B, to see if there was any way to improve it. This was a blind test, that Thomson's, Swisse's and Project B's names are never disclosed during the creation of the reviews. The pharmacist was not paid or given anything to endorse any of these products.

This product has been studied and fine-tuned for over 34 months before the formulation is confirmed. We took another 6 months to test its efficacy profile on over 45 individuals before it is being delivered to you. This part of the report reviews the product formulation, where we have another part of the report displays the results of the efficacy profile.

Who are the formulators
We work closely with Dr Hiroji during the study and selection of the cognitive performance ingredients. Dr Hiroji has spent close to 13 years in researching and publishing over 66 journals to date on the active ingredients for the nutritional industry, including that for cognitive and mental wellness.

Here, we took over 34 months to finalize the product formula, where ingredients are ensured at their optimum effective dose, complement with its product efficacy profile and portfolio.

Who have we approached
We wanted to carry out a fair review of our product, so we have invited Ms.Reen, an independent pharmacist and a 5 branches pharmacy retail owner. We believe Reen has the capability in sounding a credible opinion in view of her profession and experience. We look forward to gaining some insights from the review generated.

What is Pharmacist
Pharmacists are qualified medication experts who use their detailed knowledge of medicines to ensure the quality of medicines supplied to patients. Pharmacists are responsible in dispensing medications, assuring the safety and appropriateness of the prescribed therapy and within the law; monitoring patient health and progress to achieve the best medication results; at the same time, providing education and advice on the use of prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Pharmacists are statutorily regulated, with a protected title and governed by an ethical code, to ensure that they always work to the highest standard. The spectrum of environments in which pharmacists practise is broad and includes the government practice, private practice, industry, education, research, publishing and non-government organisations. Their advice influences healthcare policy across the spectrum from government to local communities and individuals.

The title 'pharmacist' can only be used by those appropriately trained professionals who have registered with the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia and whose details are on the official portal of pharmaceutical services programme: ministry of health malaysia website.

What have been evaluated
The nutritional information and ingredients of cognitive product from three brands: Thomson, Swisse and Project B are compared and evaluated. 

The information we provided for review
Below, you can see the images the pharmacist was provided:

It was a totally blind test. The pharmacist was paid for her time producing the reviews, but not to endorse or favour any product. The reviews below aren't perfect, and we are the first to admit such. However, Reen is expert in her field, highly respected, professional and have provided some great insights to highlight between the three products.

The results in brief

Rank 1: Project B Mind Boost
Rank 2: Swisse Ultiboost Memory + Focus
Rank 3: Thomson Ginkgo Extract

The results
The following review produced have not been edited or altered in any sense, it is the original piece that the independent traditional practitioner has provided. This review is conducted based on 3 brands: Project B (Product A), Thomson (Product B), Swisse (Product C)

Pharmacist: Reen (Ms)
It's difficult to determine which product is the best and which one is the least good without knowing more information about the intended use and dosage of each supplement. However, based on the formulations provided, here are some general observations from a consumer point of view.

Product A appears to be a comprehensive cognitive supplement with a wide range of ingredients, including several popular cognitive enhancers such as Ginkgo Biloba, Panax Ginseng, and Green Tea Extract. It also includes several vitamins and minerals that are important for overall health and cognitive function. However, it's important to note that the effectiveness of some of the ingredients may depend on the dosage, and it's not clear how much of each ingredient is included in the supplement.

Product B, on the other hand, only contains Ginkgo Extract at a relatively low dose of 40mg. While Ginkgo has been shown to have cognitive benefits, a single ingredient supplement may not be as effective as a supplement with a broader range of ingredients.

Product C also includes Ginkgo Biloba Extract, but at a higher dose of 60mg. It also includes Brahmi Extract and a range of B vitamins, which have been linked to cognitive function. However, like Product A, it's not clear how much of each ingredient is included in the supplement.

Overall, Product A contains a much wider range of ingredients than Products B and C. However, it's important to note that the dosage and quality of each ingredient can also affect their effectiveness. If a consumer is looking for a comprehensive cognitive supplement with a range of ingredients, Product A may be the best option. However, if a consumer is specifically interested in Ginkgo Biloba, Product C may be the better choice if we compare with Product B for its higher dose and the inclusion of other potentially beneficial ingredients. Product B may be the least effective of the three due to the low dose and lack of other ingredients.

Author's Note: We had no contact with Reen before the test was conducted, and she had never heard of Project B until after the results were gathered. These results were entirely independent and blind on her behalf.