Product Trial Review Report | Project B Bird Nest

Product Studied: Project B Bird Nest

We at Project B emphasize on being bare and transparent of our product ingredient and formulation. We have an extensive product development stage, carefully engineer every product to ensure they work. As a part of formulation processing, upon formulation confirmation, we reach out to a number of volunteers to gather their feedback and reviews on the product.

Under this review, we gathered and tabulated the feedback from 37 users, primarily looking at how our product work for them and its usability.

This product has been studied and fine-tuned for over 23 months before the formulation is confirmed. We took another 6 months to test its efficacy profile on over 37 individuals before it is being delivered to you. This part of the report displays the results of the efficacy profile, where we have another part of the report reviews the product formulation.


Results In Brief
Project B Bird Nest consumption has positively impacted individual's physical complexion, energy level, intellectual capacity, work performance and respiratory function. Skin elasticity of volunteers have improved from 37% to 58% (+21%), and an average reduction of 2 skin tone with an apparent improvement in physical complexion and energy. 60% of volunteers have reported that their attention span has improved which has helped them stay at work/study for as long as 3 to 5 hours and 24% above 5 hours, as opposed to the initial less than 3 hours. Work efficiency has then reported to improve drastically following the allowance of better focus. Most adolescence & adults have close to nil doctor visits for minor ailments, especially common cold and flu.


To study if Project B Bird Nest can contribute to improving physical complexion, energy level, intellectual capacity, work performance and respiratory function.


Methods & Assessments
The volunteers are gathered over the period of 6 months post-formulation study, and every volunteers' progress are monitored over the period of 2 months.

Subject information:
Of all the 37 volunteers, they are healthy individuals with no past medical history, living a relatively sedentary lifestyle.

Adolescent: 10-20 (n=11)
Adult: 25-55 (n = 26)

Male (n = 10)
Female (n = 27)

Material supply: 2 months supply of Project B Bird Nest

Quantify skin elasticity and overall complexion
Quantify the attention hours over task performance
Quantify number of GPs/pharmacies visit on respiratory ailments, specifically influenza

Volunteers are gathered, inclusion criteria includes age ranges from 10 to 20 and 25 to 55, healthy individuals with no past medical history. Volunteers are being advised to comply to the recommended regime: Take one teaspoon once daily.

Volunteers are advised to visit our studies centre to measure the results on specified intervals and the outcomes are recorded.




Edible Bird Nest (EBN), more well known as “Yan Wo” among the Chinese population, is a delicacy produced by the swiftlet species from the genus Aerodramus. During the 16th century, EBN was viewed by the Emperors of China as a symbol of wealth, power, prestige and a valuable food with various putative medicinal properties. EBN contains highly nutritious components like proteins, carbohydrates, mineral salts, and amino acids, as well as being rich in vitamins, hormones, and fatty acids. The highest composition inside the EBN is protein and this is followed by the carbohydrates. Protein plays a distinctive role in the human body, especially in repairing and building body tissues; carbohydrate components in the EBN are believed to give many therapeutic and medicinal effects.

Role in Skin Health
Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) - like activity was detected from bird nest extract. EGF promotes and activates the synthesis of DNA, thus cell proliferation and tissue repair, especially on the keratinocytes and fibroblasts. Keratinocytes plays an important role in the healthy skin barrier function. The improved proliferation of keratinocytes directly improves skin barrier function, thus promoting skin suppleness and improving overall skin texture. Meanwhile, fibroblasts synthesize extracellular matrix and collagen, have a critical role in influencing skin elasticity and physical apparent age. Bird nest extract is also rich in antioxidants, which combats oxidative stress and hence rejuvenates aged and photodamaged skin.

Over the 2 month period of consuming Project B Bird Nest, skin elasticity of volunteers have seen to be improved from 37% to 58% (+21%), with an average of 2 skin tone reduction in their appearance. An apparent improvement in physical complexion and energy have also been reported after the consistent consumption.

Role in Attention & Task Performance
Studies have shown that there is an average of 9% of sialic acid in EBN, which is believed to benefit the neurological and intellectual capacity. Sialic acid is generally found glycosidically linked to form N-acetylgalactosamine (GalNAc), a compound which is important in the proper functioning of nerve synapses, linked to the improvement in memory & learning.

Attention span and task performance have been studied, where volunteers are restricted from any caffeine consumption and have an average of 8 hours sleep daily. On day 0, the day before the initiation of Project B Bird Nest, it was documented that 75% of the volunteers have attention span less than 3 hours, and this has heavily affected their study/work performance. After a month consumption, 60% of the volunteers have their attention span between 3 to 5 hours and 24% have their attention span above 5 hours.

Role in Influenza Prevention
EBN has been widely used for enhancing immunocompetence and bird nest extract is a natural source to inhibit infection with influenza viruses. Under this report, we have quantified the number of doctor visits as a measure to document the flu incident following consumption. It is found that most adolescence & adults have close to nil doctor visits over the period of Project B Bird Nest consumption.

In conclusion, Project B Bird Nest consumption has positively impacted individual's physical complexion, energy level, intellectual capacity, work performance and respiratory function.