Product Trial Review Report | Project B Hair Food

Product Studied: Project B Hair Food

We at Project B emphasize on being bare and transparent of our product ingredient and formulation. We have an extensive product development stage, carefully engineer every product to ensure they work. As a part of formulation processing, upon formulation confirmation, we reach out to a number of volunteers to gather their feedback and reviews on the product.

Under this review, we gathered and tabulated the feedback from 54 users, primarily looking at how our product work for them and its usability.

This product has been studied and fine-tuned for over 33 months before the formulation is confirmed. We took another 9 months to test its efficacy profile on over 54 individuals before it is being delivered to you. This part of the report displays the results of the efficacy profile, where we have another part of the report reviews the product formulation.

Results In Brief
Following consistent use of Project B Hair Food over the course of 6 months, the use of Project B Hair Food has positively improved scalp condition (+91%), promoted hair growth (+74%), strengthened hair strands & texture (+98%) and elevated confidence.

To study if Project B Hair Food can contribute to stronger hair strands, improve scalp condition and promote hair growth.

Methods & Assessments
The volunteers are gathered over the period of 9 months post-formulation study, and every volunteers' progress are monitored over the period of 6 months.

Subject information:
Of all the 54 volunteers, they are healthy individuals with no past medical history, living a relatively sedentary lifestyle.
Young Adult: 35 - 45 (n = 24)
Middlehood: 46 - 55 (n = 30)

Male (n = 32)
Female (n = 22)

Material supply: 6 months supply of Project B Hair Food

Qualify scalp and follicle health under microscopic analysis view
Quantify regions of hair thinning or signs of balding
Qualify hair resilience, strength & texture

Volunteers are gathered, inclusion criteria includes age ranges from 35 to 55, healthy individuals with no past medical history. Volunteers are being advised to comply to the recommended regime:
Activating Phase Day 1 to Day 180: Take 1 teaspoon Project B Hair Food twice daily.
Maintenance Phase day 180 onwards: Take 1 teaspoon Project B Hair Food once daily.

Volunteers are advised to visit our studies centre to measure the results on specified intervals and the outcomes are recorded.


Hair typically only grows about 1/2 inch per month on average, the hair growth cycle is long and takes at least 6 months to prevent further hair loss and to start hair regrowth. As best practice and to ensure higher accuracy of this product trial, we have extended the trial period from the standard three months to six months of consumption, sufficient to fit the hair growth cycle and length to determine the product efficacy. For purpose of use out of this trial, we suggest a consistent use of at least 9 months from initiation for best result.

Summary of product trial result broken down by month,
Day 0 : Initiation of consumption
This is a control set, aims to record the original state of participants' hair and scalp health prior to starting the regime of Project B Hair Food. Among the inclusion, the participants have either extreme dryness (46%) or oily (54%) scalp & follicles; 91% participants have above 6 parts of hair thinning or balding regions recorded; 83% participants have weak and brittle hair strand appearances.

Day 1 to Day 90: After 3 months of consumption
Positive advances of 18% participants started to experience a balanced scalp & follicle micro-appearance, + 8% of participants have experienced hair growth and positively reduce the number of hair thinning / balding regions to 2 -5 part, with + 25% participants restores hair strands texture. While only minority experiences positive/obvious change at this stage, this phenomenon is normal matches our rational that it takes a longer consumption to fit the nature of hair growth cycle.

Day 91 to Day 180: After 6 months of consumption
As the trial progresses, bigger movement of data started to display from month 4 on onwards, where 38% participants have balanced scalp and follicle health, 11% have hair growth to desirable appearance with only 1 or less part of hair thinning / balding region, 20% have achieved strong and smooth hair strands. By the end of the trial (Day 180, 6 months), the success rate has drastically increase closing the trial with a total of 91% (+91%) participants to have a balanced and healthy scalp and follicles, 55% (+49%) participants with only 2-5 regions hair thinning spots, 28% (+28%) participants with healthy appearance of only 1 or less hair thinning spots, 46% (+29%) with standard hair texture and 54% (+54%) achieve strong healthy hair strands.

In conclusion, Project B Hair Food can positively improve scalp condition, promote hair growth and strengthen hair strands following at least 4 to 6 months of consistent use.